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  • Emily Meagher

A Rainbow Bedroom Makeover

A Little Bedroom Upgrade, For the Sweetest Girl

My little girl, Abby, has been sharing a bedroom with her siblings for most of her life. We have moved 7 times in her 7 years and it was very overdue for Abby to have her own special space. We decided to turn our office into her bedroom and she could not be happier! ✨


Before we decided to transition our office space into her bedroom, the room was filled with our double desk, both of the kids school desks, a small sectional that transforms into a queen size bed, plus doubling as our laundry area. We ended up relocating our desk into the main living area of our home and the kids desks now live in each of their rooms. This really worked out nicely and honestly, we use the desk so much more now that it is more accessible, set up in the main area of our home. 💻


We actually made a vlog of the makeover if you want to watch it here ⬆️


The room transformation was a huge success! Abby absolutely loves it! Not only is it adorable, it is very functional for her. Her bedding is a huge part of what makes her room perfect for her. This adorable bedding set is actually from Beddy's (Bed-Ease) (use code: EM&KIDS for 15% OFF 🥳)and it is basically a sleeping bag that fits onto your mattress like a fitted sheet! This allows Abby to be able to make her bed independently by zipping it up herself! Abby picked out the Victoria Bedding because she has been loving the color pink and the So Grape Bundle which ties her room all together perfectly! For her mattress, we went with Linenspa Explorer 6"and she says has been comfortable which is really important to all of us for a good nights sleep! Her bed frame is from IKEA and we stained it ourselves.

The only downside to Abby's new room is that there is not a closet in there. Since we had to work around this, we found her a lightly used, solid wood dresser on FB Marketplace and were able to pick it up local to us. In addition to the dresser, I ordered her a clothing rack that is the perfect height for her off, it made it so much better that I found it right off of Amazon! For wall decor, we found these adorable (and inexpensive)rainbow wall decals on Amazon as well, which we love! We also opted to get her a projector and a sound bar instead of a TV. 📽 This makes for some special movie nights for her with her siblings and friends.


Here is my sweet girl Abby, so happy now that she feels like a big girl with her own room and space.


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