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  • Emily Meagher

my favorite child..

finally admitting it

So i get this question way too often. Whether it’s a comment left under a video or a message sent directly to me.

Some of them read:

“Abby is obviously your favorite. ”


“Why don’t your other kids ever get to do fun things?”


So here we go.

I think it’s finally time to admit it.

You’ve heard it here first…


You weren’t expecting that, we’re you?

So listen..

Abby is my favorite. She’s reason I am a mom. She’s the reason I found a purpose as a teenager in a really difficult position.

She’s my best friend.

For 8 years now, we’ve spent almost every single day of our entire lives together. I adore her. I look up to her. I’m so proud of her.

Abby and I have this unexplainable bond. It has a lot to do with the fact that we went through some really big challenges as she was growing up, while I was growing up too. She was non-verbal for some time, while all the kids her age were learning words. We learned how to communicate in our own way and even still, I am able to understand her better than anyone else.

She’s my favorite listener. Ab is so patient and kind. She is so calm and encouraging. Her perspective on things that she talks about is so special. She’s my favorite person to take pictures with and make videos with, because she gets just as excited about them as i do.

And that’s what YOU see.

You see the pictures and the videos and most of the time it’s just me and Ab. I mean our main platform is completely revolving around me and her. What you don’t see is Liam sometimes preferring not to be filmed. You don’t see K having absolutely no interest in standing still in front of a camera. And that’s okay!

Because in my reality, Liam is my favorite too. This guy came into my life when I already had a handle on being a mom. I was so much more prepared this time around. He has been the most cuddly, loving boy since the moment we met. Liam is my favorite person to build legos with- he always has an endless amount of creative ideas. He’s my favorite person to read non-fiction books with, he’s like a sponge absorbing as much information as he possibly can. He’s my favorite person to go for a walk together with. He’s always looking for any bit of quality time we can fit in together just me and him.

Koston though.. well she has to be my favorite, too. K is funny, as in like the funniest child i’ve ever met, funny. The way she is able to communicate and the things she says… oh my gosh is she a treat. Not to mention, she’s always looking for an adrenaline rush wherever she can get it. She is wild and crazy and you know you will never have a dull moment around her. She’s my favorite person to run in circles with or race down hills on her scooter, going way faster than a 2 year old would probably be comfortable with. She’s my favorite little dancer. My favorite girl to tickle. Arguably, with her being the youngest.. she most likely gets the most of my attention of them all if you break it down in my full day schedule.

So I guess I don’t just have a favorite, I have 3 favorites. And I couldn’t imagine my life without every single one of them.


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