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  • Emily Meagher

behind the scenes

modeling for target stores

Seeing the ads up in stores IS increible. I still cry every single time a new one goes up. Not only is that my girl up there, that is REPRESENTATION for every little boy and girl just like her. And to get to be a part of that.. Amazing is an understatement.

But what you don't see is the magic that happens behind the scenes..

The process of shooting these ads.. seeing Abby just have the time of her life on set.. that's why we do this

From the momet we arrive at the studio, Ab is so excited to be there. From the moment I tell her she booked a job, she is estatic! There's something so exciting to her. She loves to spend time with her friends on set. She loves to get all dressed up, to get her makeup done, and her hair. She thrives infront of that lense and it is the most beautiful thing to witness.

There's so many things that we can't show until the ads go out. We have to hide the outfits, shoes, nail color, products. Sometimes we have to wait 6 whole MONTHS just to see the photos that were taken that day. I wish we could film it all. It is so much more than just showing up and taking a few pictures. It's an entire expierence for her that we are so grateful to have.

Something that you don't see is all of the waiting on set. A lot of time is spent being patient, or for Abby, eating snacks and playing games with her friends. Ab's favorite things to bring to set are always books and puzzles.

The crew on set may be the kindest people we've met. They always welcome Abby with the sweetest greetings! Sometimes we even get to work with the same crew on different sets/brands/projects! It's so fun to see familiar faces who know Abby so well.

We spend a couple hours on set each day. Sometimes we shoot in multiple outfits, sometimes were there for just one shot! This day spefically, we were just shooting for that BIG sign for the back of the store.

What surprised Matthew the most about being on set was the VILLAGE it takes to get that ads. What looks like a cute, candid, natural photo in stores is actually a monumental process the day of shooting! From the directors, the photographer, to the lighting crew, to the stylist, to the hair and makeup, to the child wranglers. It's such a team effort that comes together to make this happen. It is so cool to watch!

As soon as the ad comes out, we RUN to the store. Something you might not know is that we don't even know when the ads will be out! We have a rough estimate of when they plan to switch seasons and signage but we have yet to see an ad go up at that time! It's almost a fun game of visiting the stores and searching all of the categories online to see if there's a new one up!

Abby actually gets a little shy when she sees herself in stores for the first time. She says she's nervous because "everyone is going to look at me!" but each and every time she sees herself, I just watch her beam with pride. She's THAT girl. She's the girl that so many who do see her ad will be able to see themselves in. She has no idea the impact that she is having yet, but one day she will. And I couldn't be more proud.



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