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  • Emily Meagher

how she started modeling for TARGET stores

TELL-ALL Q+A with the sweetest little model herself

Watch the full video here:

Q: How did you get started modeling?

A: We actually had close friends who modeled for Target before us! Finley Smallwood and her sweet mama, Christina, introduced us to our agency after we met and stayed with them in NYC while Finley was shooting for her Target Holiday Ad!

Q: How long have you been modeling?

A: Abby has been modeling for 2 years!

Q: What was your first modeling/acting job?

A: A TV Commerical for a Children's Hospital! We booked this job within days of reaching out to our agency!

Q: Are there any physically difficult parts of modeling that Abby struggles with?

A: Abby says no! I think it helps that I am so very hands on with her throughout each shoot. I help her with each of her outfit changes, even though she absolutely could handle this most times, it's easier on her to have the physical assistance and preserves her energy! When she's on set and they are taking a break I will either walk on and have her sit on my knee or they will provide her a box or stool to rest on. Every set we have been on has been very accessible and accomodating to her!

Q: Tips for getting your child into modeling?

A: Make sure it is something that THEY want to do, not just something that you want them to do. If they are enjoying it then it just comes more naturally!

Q: Is the career demands challenging on your family?

A: Nope! My husband/Abby's dad is now home with us. When we first started he was working 60+ hours a week and that made it very challenging for me to balance it all. Since he has been home it has been very managable! He will stay with the other kids when we have shoots or he will come along! He's even booked a shoot himself since being home! 🥺

Q: What is the best part of modeling as the parent and as the kid?

A: Abby says her favorite part is dressing up like a *****! When we filmed this video the ad wasn't out yet so we couldn't share BUT now we can say it was a SHRIMP! Ab has a blast at the shoots dressing up and having her makeup/hair/nails done! She also loves meeting her friends on set who all love to do what she loves to do! As her parent, my favorite part is watching her at the shoots and seeing how proud of herself she is! I think that I do get more excited when the ads come out because she already knows what it looks like and she has a ton of fun in the moment while shooting! She says she gets shy with everyone looking at her in the stores!

Q: Does it ever get overwhelming for you or her?

A: No, not really! Everything is usually really organized and we often model with the same crew and photographers who we already know so well!

Q: Time schedule on a shoot? Times she doesnt want to go? How to handle that?

A: We usually are on hold for shoots for 2-4 weeks out. We will find out that we booked the shoot 1-2 weeks out. We'll recieve our call time about 1-2 days before! That's one of the reasons why my job of creating content and working through social media and the flexibility that comes with that works so well for us! For times she doesn't want to go- we actually don't encounter this. Abby gets really excited when she finds out that she booked a photoshoot and she really looks forward to it! If she was hesitant about going I would absolutely let her advocate for herself because that is so out of character for her. Ultimatley she is modeling because she wants to! If there comes a day that she no longer enjoys it or has interest in it than she can stop and that is totally okay!

Q: Which brand has been Abby's favorite to work with?

A: Target :) but everyone who we have worked with has been amazing!

Q: How does Abby get paid for modeling?

A: There is a percentage that has to be deposited directly into a child's trust fund when they are a minor working in the industry. For us specifically, as her parents we choose to deposit 100% of her modeling earnings into that account for her.

Q: Do you get paid to travel for photoshoots?

A: Not usually! We pay for all travel costs for NYC and we work as "Local Talent"! We also do this for LA if we do book a shoot there!



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