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  • Emily Meagher

I got our dog a dog

and it was the best decision... ever

Before we introduce our sweet boy, Foster, let's talk about Soph.

Sophie is our 6 year old lab mix who we rescued as a little family of 4 at our first home that we owned. She has been with us through so much of our lives. She has lived in 5 different homes with us in 3 different states. She has rode in the car for 24 hours to Texas and back again. She has traveled to NYC with us for work. She has always been such a sweet girl and easy-going girl.

After our last move, Sophie started to develop anxiety. She started to have a really hard time each and every time we would try to leave the house. She even struggled when we went to sleep at night. She started having accidents in the house, she started to destroy things while we were gone. Even when we were home, she was very concious of our every move with the worry it meant we would walk out the door.

This was really hard and happening at such a busy time in our lives. We had the thought that maybe she was lonely and could use her own little companion to keep her company but getting another dog when she was having such poor behaviors was so nerve-wracking. So we waited and tried every item, treat, toy, routine we could find to try to help her out. It did get a little better and she was starting to make slow progress. We also made it a priority to never leave her. Long term though, this wasn't a reasonable arrangement moving forward.

Then I saw him. I saw my sweet little pup's face on a facebook post for a local rescue. I immediately showed Matt and told him that he had to be mine. Matthew encouraged me to go meet him for us because he would be working and unable to come. Foster was a 3 month old lab-terrier mix with the cutest little face and the most beautiful caramel color.

I reached out to the rescue, who reached out to the foster mom, and coincidentally it worked out effortlessly on both sides for us to meet up. Everything fell into place like it was just simply meant to be. As soon as I got to meet his happy little self, we immediately clicked and I couldn't help but to leave with him that day.

I brought him to see the kids first and they just adored him and they loved him so much. He especially clicked with Abby and he sat on her lap for the whole car ride home.

Then I brought him home to Sophie.

And she loved him so much, too.

Sophie was never a fan of toys but Foster loved them and now Sophie loves them, too!

Foster sleeps in his crate while Sophie lays right outside and greets him first things in the morning with the biggest wags!

She used to sleep a lot during the day, and now they play all day long.

When she naps, they can always be found snuggled up together sharing their little bed.

Now we can leave the house, with or without Foster or Sophie, and we never come home to anything destroyed or a mess.

Sophie has not had a single accident since the day we brought him home even though he has had many as a puppy training.

I never knew that she was unhappy until I saw her really really happy. It was so incredibly heartwarming to see what an impact it has made for her. She really did get her own little companion and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.


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