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  • Emily Meagher

my favorite story

how he left everything behind to become a dad at 17

From the first moment we met- we clicked.. 💫

I'm not much of a romantic and I didn't really believe in love at first sight (or really love at all) but then I met you.. and everything changed.

From that day forward there was not a single day that we didn't talk, even though our lives were so different at 16. You were in highschool, lived in a beautiful home on a golf course with your parents and some of your siblings, you ran on the cross country team almost every day after school, and you worked at my favorite local pizza shop. All while I was living alone in an 1890's apartment, managing a frozen dessert shop all day, and staying up doing high school on my computer at night.

In between our busy schedules, we always made time for each other somehow. When we couldn't find time in the day, you would sneak out at night and come over just to wake up in the middle of the night to drive home to be back to be woke up for school the next day. There was a lot going on for me at the time and not in a good way. I had recently lost my dad who had passed away in my home after a year of having life sustaining support from a terminal diagnosis found too late. I had more recently became emancipated from my birth mom who had convinced me that I was worthless my entire life. Even more recently I had moved out of my ex's family's home who took me in and saved my life. I was sad to my core. I worked so hard for every thing that I had and you had the privilege of just being a kid. It was a bumpy road. I didn't think I could ever be enough for you but you always disagreed and never let me dwell on that thought for a second.

At 17, we found out I was pregnant. At the time, you weren't allowed to speak to me. I was very misunderstood and your parents wanted nothing but the best future for you. I wanted that for you, too. I gave you every single option on what we could do next.. You didn't have to be involved. I respected that. After all, I had grown up with a manipulative, abusive parent so missing a parent altogether didn't sound so bad. OR you could be involved and I would never ever hesitate to give you all of the time you wanted with your sweet girl while you would still be thriving through college and your career. Then you surprised me. You chose an option I never even thought to give you. You chose us. All of us. You chose me, you chose our sweet baby, you chose us as your family.

The wildest part was what you had to leave behind to choose us. Your car that you loved was gone. Your phone to communicate with anyone you ever knew, gone. Your childhood home with a large bedroom and a beautiful pool. The high school you attended for the last 3.5 years, you could no longer attend and graduate from. Your job was now too far. You left it all without ever looking back. You moved into my apartment. We shared my car. I bought you a new phone and helped you to get a new job. We enrolled you in a local high school where you only needed one credit after attending all AP classes at your previous school. You went to school for one class a day and then worked at a ski resort during the rest.

Every single day I just fell in love with you more. Soon you asked me to marry you. To be your wife. ME. All this time I felt like I was ruining what your life could have been and all this time you would tell me I am your life. Then we met her, our sweet Abby girl. She was perfect. You were the most incredible dad from day one. I was in awe of you. All of this happened before we were even out of our "teens". Your selflessness was unbelievable, even in the most typically selfish years.

You worked so hard for us. 3 beautiful little humans later and you STILLnever let me lift a finger overnight except for to breastfeed them. You changed all of the diapers, you rocked them all back to sleep. You never hesitated, even though you would soon wake and work 12 hour days. I've had the absolute pleasure of watching you love our babies for the past 8 beautiful years. You have chosen us time and time again. I know if my dad had the chance to meet the man I married, he would be so incredibly proud.

So that is our story.

And it happens to be my favorite of them all.

So here's to my dad, who I wish I could hug and tell "Happy Father's Day"one more time. And here's to the incredible man who I adore to my core. The man who makes sure we feel loved every single day. Happy Father's Day, my love. Thank you for every single thing you have ever done.



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